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An Unproven Concept (Signed by Author) - The Kraken Omnibus Edition

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Publisher: James Young
Author: James Young
471 pages | Trade Paperback
Date of publication: 05/04/2014
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There are lots of ways to make history. Sometimes one's purpose in life is to serve as an example of utter folly.

The Confederation of Man has overseen the prosperous expansion of humanity for almost eight centuries, with the Confederation Fleet its shield against all enemies both internal and external. Despite its numerous successes, the Fleet is a shield that is becoming warped by the schism between its Carrier and Line factions. In the year 3050, Fleet Admiral Malinverni has overseen the design and commissioning of a vessel intended to merge the best of both factions: the battlecruiser Constitution. Intended as a harbinger of a better future, the Constitution is considered a flawed concept by all except her crew. If either Fleet faction has its way, neither the Constitution nor her captain, Mackenzie Bolan, will ever get a chance to prove their naysayers incorrect.

The starliner Titanic is considered to be the epitome of her type. With a handpicked crew, the Titanic is expected to see to passengers' every need and whim, be it a rare artifact of opulence to stringent, discreet security. Unfortunately Captain Abraham Herrod, her master, is confronted with the growing likelihood that his vessel may soon be rendered obsolete by the ever pressing march of technology. Pushed by his superiors, Captain Herrod must decide just how far he's willing to go in an attempt to prolong the "Golden Age of Starliners."

Unlike the Titanic and Constitution, the destroyer Shigure is far from modern. As the oldest destroyer in the fleet, the "Late Rain" is chosen for a special, dangerous project. With a young crew and modifications that makes her vessel not what she seems, Commander Leslie Hawkins presses into unknown space to examine structures detected by an Confederation Fleet survey vessel.

With all the unremitting action, mecha, and carnage of the original novel, An Unproven Concept (Kraken Edition) also includes the short story "Ride of the Late Rain" for the first time. In addition, this special edition contains artwork from professional illustrators and an excerpt from the alternate history novel Acts of War.


About James Young:
Biography James Young is a Missouri native who left small town life to attend a small, well-known Federal institution in upstate New York. After obtaining a degree in military history from West Point, Mr. Young spent six years repaying his education via military service in various locations (both foreign and domestic). Along the way he collected a loving, patient, and beautiful spouse (Anita C. Young)...and various animals that only fit those descriptions when it suited them. After leaving the Army, James returned to the Midwest to pursue his Ph.D. in U.S. History while working for the Republic (again). When not tormenting his characters, Mr. Young spends his spare time reading Anita's first drafts, finishing that pesky dissertation, and trying to figure out whose idea it was to get a pair of flatulent, WWE emulating shelter dogs with paper fetishes. Usually he can be found at various book signings and Cons in the greater KC area.

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